ziigmund bio Ziigmund is definitely one of the most crazy players, eccentric and success of online poker Ilari Sahamies, this is his real name, is a everyday presence at the high stakes tables of Full Tilt Poker. When it first appeared on the online poker scene, he had no regards for the players already established and well known, and his insults and provocations have often get annoyed his opponents, but Ziiggy aimed precisely at this, so as to disconcert them and have the better of them… Born in 1983 in Helsinki, Finland, has always been a competitive man. As a child, he practiced various sports, such as baseball, football and even wrestling. Later he became a champion swimmer winning 2 Finnish junior championships. He met the legend Patrik Antonius when he plays pool in a bar, and still are friends. His first experience with poker at the age of 15, in a home game with friends, he became very knowledgeable in this game, discovering have a real natural talent. But while his interest for poker grew, his high educational results were collapsing at the end he still managed to graduate. He started playing at the Helsinki Casino in 2001. From there, becoming Pro was easy enough for him. In online poker instead start playing in 2002/2003. He started at low levels ($ 0.25 / $ 0.50), but he always felt too good for that level and trying to force his way to the highest levels, he lost everything several times. So far, he we did not live worthy of note, and its profits are derived almost exclusively from online millionaires, Ilari is famous for his antics at the cash game tables online, in fact Ziigmund is famous for having played often drunk and have relentlessly lost large sums from his bankroll.

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