Tom “durrrr” Dwan is no longer a Full Tilt Pro

tom durr dawn full tiltFull Tilt Poker loses one of its symbols, as Tom “durrrr” Dwan is no longer part of the official pro team, due to the expiry of his contract was not renewed. The communication has been provided by the poker room with a terse press release, which confirms the historical separation, apparently the result of a review of the costs that it no longer wished to support an “engagement” as heavy as what was reasonably accorded to the Us player. Immediately, the log-in screen that appears at Full Tilt Poker and that previously depicted in the company of Viktor Blom Dwan and Gus Hansen; the “durrrr” photograph is simply gone. Tom Dwan was joined Team Full Tilt Poker pro in November 2009, and since then has always been in the imagination of fans of the game one of the iconic faces associated with the platform, but since then things have changed a lot. On the one hand, the troubled events of the poker room will have much reduced the market, and the Rational Group, which also belongs to PokerStars evidently did not find compelling reasons to continue the relationship. For now, Tom Dwan has not yet commented on the news, but it is obvious that it could happen at any time, and it certainly is an issue that can not evade indefinitely. One wonders if the Hansen‘s contract can not suffer a similar fate, once reached the expiration date. Unlike Dwan, the Danish has a strong presence online, but of course in this case the costs involved have to be anything but marginal: it is not therefore be excluded that Full Tilt Poker in the future decides to stake everything on “Isildur1″, but today is certainly far too early to say.

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