Peter Coates (Bet365) history

tom durr dawn full tiltBritain has always been the home of gambling and just in the UK, in the early 2000s, here is also started the business of online gaming that has allowed some families to accumulate huge amount of money, as evidenced by the ranking published by Sunday Times of the UK’s richest men.The Coates family, owner of the historic bookmaker Bet365, last year earned something like 125 million pounds: their business, thanks to internet, has grown 21%. The total assets of the founder Peter Coates and sons Denise (a key figure in the management of the company) and John (CEO), has reached the £ 925 million in 2013. In fact, the Coates are currently the richest British in e-gaming. The life of Peter Coates is undoubtedly worthy of being told: born into a large family of Goldenhill, is the youngest of 14 children. His father was a miner and also an amateur player who decides to hang up his boots at 23. Peter left school at 14 and began working. He joined the paratroopers and then, at the time of the leave, becomes manager for a franchising restaurants. In 1974 he opened a betting agency. The turning point in 2000 when he decided to invest on betting on a large scale (especially online), launching Bet365: get from a bank of £ 15 million as a line of credit, mortgaging the historical agency. In 2005 he sold the chain of betting shops Bet365 to 40 million and invests everything about online: betting, poker and casino. The move once again proves to be a winner, if you think that only in 2011 the book bill of £ 358 million, with an up margin of 104 million. Peter Coates is famous in England for many years because it has linked its name to Stoke City Football Club. Coates has become the majority shareholder in 1989 and sold the club in 1999 for £ 3.5 million pounds to a group of Icelandic investors . In 2005, the family bought back the club Coates (via Bet365) for £ 1.7 million after two years bringing the club in the Premier League.

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5 Card Stud, Draw

We open with some historical notes about this magnificent game. The game of poker, at least what we know, is the result of a slow evolution of many variants that have developed over time. The exact origins of this game are still unknown and debated. Though his story is picturesque and intriguing, no one has ever applied much to shed light on the birth of this fascinating hobby. The main schools of thinking place the birth of poker in three different countries and eras. For some poker originated in ancient Persia by the name of As-Nas: four players taking part in the games using a deck of twenty five cards and challenged each other over who had the combination could be stronger than the pair, three of a kind or color.

According to some, however, the true origins of poker were in Europe.

Specifically in France and Germany. In France, especially, a game very much in vogue was the Poque (from the French, “pocher” which means to deceive, bluff) where players used a French deck of twenty cards composed by the ten, jack, women, kings and aces. Even in this ancient game, the similarities with the modern poker are many and this suggests that this is the version that most influenced to develop the poker as it is nowadays. But it was in America that this game was popular. In the French settlements of Louisiana and especially in New Orleans, during the early 1800s, the name was changed to Époque poker and became very similar to the game we all know. He began to use a deck consisting of 52 cards and soon were inserted between the winning combination straight and flush.

“The 5 Card Stud poker is mostly a psychological game”.

With the coming of the French deck of 52 cards, the game changed forever. For centuries, most of the variations of poker were based on the purest shape of the game: 5 Card Stud. In this version, each player is dealt 5 cards and the betting begins with the first receiver to the left of the dealer. Everyone has the opportunity to wager that your hand is the best of the table. The 5 Card Stud poker is mostly a psychological game, where the real skill is in being able to hide in the best way their emotions and anxiety. Each player was dealt 5 cards and there was little to do to pass, pretend to have the best hand, or, if you really had a good hand, pretend you do not have it and induce other players to participate in the pot.

5 Card Draw.

The need for the players to have a better chance of staying in the pot pushed the poker to a fundamental turning point. The 5-Card Draw is very similar to its predecessor but with a crucial point in the performance of the hand: the draw. After the first 5 cards are dealt and the first round of betting is done, each player has the ability to change from 1 to 4 cards from your hand with the cards remaining in the deck, and later another round of betting takes place. As a result, each player has the opportunity to implement their own hands and there is a double opportunity to bet, which implies the possibility of double bluff, make fun or seduce their opponents. Many players consider the 5-Card Draw is the purest form of the game.

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No Limit Pot Limit Fixed


The only difference between Fixed Limit, No Limit and Pot Limit (fixed limit, no limit and pot limit) is the sum that players can bet or raise when it is their turn to play. In Fixed Limit, the amount a player can bet is determined by the limits and the current betting round. The rule for the sum which the player can bet in No Limit is determined by the extent of betting or blinds, the sum of chips bet by players earlier in the session in progress and the amount of chips the player has left. In Pot Limit, the rules for determining the amount a player can bet is similar to No Limit, except for the fact that there is a limit to the maximum bet determined by the entity of the pot and moves to make the betting round in progress.

LIMIT – Rules for fixed limit stakes

Maximum bet / raise

In games with preset limits, the maximum bet or raise a player can make in the first and second round of betting is equal to the lower limit of the table. In the third and fourth round of betting, players can bet the value equal to the upper limit.

Minimum bet / raise

The minimum bet or raise a player can make is equal to the previous higher raise in the betting round going on. If there was no betting, then the minimum bet or raise is equal to the size of the big blind.

NO LIMIT – Rules for no limit stakes

Maximum bet / raise

The maximum bet or raise a player can make is “all-in”. At any time, when it’s a player’s turn, he can bet all the chips he has in his stack.

Minimum bet / raise

At the beginning of each betting round, the minimum bet allowed is updated and it starts with the value equal to the big blind. The minimum bet or raise a player can make is equal to the previous raise higher in the betting round going on. If there was no betting, then the minimum bet or raise is equal to the size of the big blind. Raises lower (bet all-in) If a player does not have enough chips to make the minimum raise, but it has more of how much it would cost to aim for seeing, remains a chance of revival with the “all-in”.

POT LIMIT – Rules for pot limit stakes

Maximum bet / raise

The maximum bet or raise allowed in Pot Limit is equal to the amount of chips into the pot of the hand in progress. The calculation of the maximum raise allowed to a player includes the amount that the player must go to see before relaunching.

Minimum bet / raise

The minimum bet or raise a player can make in Pot Limit is equal to the previous bet higher in the betting round going on. If there was no betting, then the minimum bet or raise is equal to the size of the big blind.

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When play a hand

The first decision you have to take in a single hand, is that if you have to play or raise, and there are several factors that can influence this decision:

  • Your cards
  • How many players are participating in the hand
  • Someone has already raised
  • Your position

poker tips how to play poker


To win at poker you have to play good cards. The good cards are those cards that in the long run will win more hands than they lose. The combinations of initial cards reach this objective in a different way. KJ will often be able to have a couple, but quite often you will lose from some point higher, while with 77, you will have a point a few times, but when you get will be much more likely to win. The cards you choose to play must have a realistic goal, a small pair could become a great base while a pair of aces, it already is. By the same reasoning, 76s (s = suited) can become a sraight or a flush, or two different cards may become a double pair, but the chances of this happening are 48 to 1.

So with 72o (o = offsuit), unless you believe in dreams, you have to fold right away. Although occasionally you will see them win, will not be certainly play from winning players. So, if you have cards with the potential, the second thing you need to consider is the probability that those hands will turn immediately on the flop. It could be that kind of hand that is not likely to become very strong on the flop, but when it happens you will get significant returns.

One of these hands is 88, it is important to see the flop cheaply, since the chances of getting an 8 on the flop is only 1 out of every 7.5 times. The other type of hand that you can play with which is quite likely to improve on the flop is for example AJ offsuit. This hand is not any better than a pair of 8′s, but is more likely to make a playable hand as you have a 32% chance of getting a pair on the flop, so when you have a hand like this, the best thing is to raise. The first reason is that a couple is not a very strong hand, and it is better to play it against the lowest number of opponents, raise before the flop reduces the chances afforded to draw hand (hand with a project of a point) and should lead to abandon the hand by the holders. Against most of the players, the only time you will probably win a significant amount when they have a point slightly less than yours, so it is important that you will be sure of the strength of your hand when another player has a hand similar to yours. For example, if you have AJs and the flop comes A79, you have hit your pair but if someone calls your bet, you have to be worried whether they have an ace and a card higher than the jack, if you bet and he raises you need to seriously consider the idea of fold hand.


The number of players in the hand is important when you choose two cards which are worth to be played because, as mentioned previously, some cards are less likely to hit the flop, but when it does they become very strong hands, more players are in the hand and more likely you are to get additional cash in the pot.


Generally there are two types of conditions when you have to decide whether to call a raise, the first is when you have not put any money into the pot and the second when you have already called a some bets. When you still have to put money in the pot and you have to face a cold calling (calling a raise when you do not put money in the pot) the implied odds are not optimal, this makes drawing hands unplayable. Will not improve on the flop enough to justify the next bet. Secondly, when you call a raise, you have to think about how you can be sure if you hit actually your point. For example, with AJ, the only interesting flop that can happen with a jack, then that gives you top pair, and even then you should be worried by the presence of an overpair (when a player has in his hand a pair higher than any cards on the table). The worst thing that could happen to you would be to hit your ace, in fact you will now have a high point, but given the presence of a raise, and a kicker not exceptional, you will not have the proper security to deal with the cards later. Sometimes it pays to pass the famous dominated hand (hand that even if you hit the flop, never give due security given the low kicker) that play with fear against a raiser.


Position means how far we are sitting in relation to the blinds, and is one of the most important points of texas holdem. If you are sitting to the left of the big blind and you are the first to have to talk you are in early position (initial position also known under the gun). On the contrary, if you are the dealer and have the button, you are in late position (last position), the last one to speak, great position. Be seated in late position is convenient for many reasons, the first of which is what you have available as much information on the hand of our enemies. When you are last to act, you know how many players involved in the pot, if there were no bids or less, and only after the blinds have to talk to you before the flop. This additional information means that you are taking decisions based on a more exact knowledge of how many players will see the flop and how much it will cost to see the flop so that your decisions are as accurate as possible and more profitable. The additional information obtained in late position are not the only advantage of being last to act. When you’re the last to speak, you can see if someone has shown strength in the betting and you can often steal the pot when every other player has cecked before you. However, many people know that often those who are in last place trying to steal the pot, then call bets with weak hands, this is probably a much greater advantage, because when you actually have good hands then you will obtain more revenue.

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Tom “durrrr” Dwan is no longer a Full Tilt Pro

tom durr dawn full tiltFull Tilt Poker loses one of its symbols, as Tom “durrrr” Dwan is no longer part of the official pro team, due to the expiry of his contract was not renewed. The communication has been provided by the poker room with a terse press release, which confirms the historical separation, apparently the result of a review of the costs that it no longer wished to support an “engagement” as heavy as what was reasonably accorded to the Us player. Immediately, the log-in screen that appears at Full Tilt Poker and that previously depicted in the company of Viktor Blom Dwan and Gus Hansen; the “durrrr” photograph is simply gone. Tom Dwan was joined Team Full Tilt Poker pro in November 2009, and since then has always been in the imagination of fans of the game one of the iconic faces associated with the platform, but since then things have changed a lot. On the one hand, the troubled events of the poker room will have much reduced the market, and the Rational Group, which also belongs to PokerStars evidently did not find compelling reasons to continue the relationship. For now, Tom Dwan has not yet commented on the news, but it is obvious that it could happen at any time, and it certainly is an issue that can not evade indefinitely. One wonders if the Hansen‘s contract can not suffer a similar fate, once reached the expiration date. Unlike Dwan, the Danish has a strong presence online, but of course in this case the costs involved have to be anything but marginal: it is not therefore be excluded that Full Tilt Poker in the future decides to stake everything on “Isildur1″, but today is certainly far too early to say.

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Hacker in action again: poker pro Jens Kyllonen victim of a Trojan

jens kyllonenMany will remember the strange mishap in September to some players, including Jens Kyllonen, hosted at the Hotel Arts during the EPT Barcelona. On that occasion, the Finnish poker pro was released early from the tournament and it was back to the hotel. At first he could not get into the room because of a problem with the electronic key. Once back, however, he immediately noticed that his laptop was gone. He had left the room for the obvious reports of what happened, and when he returned, he found the laptop back in place. The story, however strange it seemed to have ended, but later Kyllonen has noticed that the PC was not working properly and you are then turned to the computer technicians that, by analyzing the laptop, have detected the presence of a virus. It was in fact a remote access trojan, known as RAT, which resulted entered via a USB memory stick on the day and the hour in which they had lost track of the laptop. The computer had been infected and configured so that the trojan was activated when the system restarts. The RAT tool that allows you to control a pc remotely, that is, to see everything that happens on it, it was written in Java to run on any platform, be it Windows, Mac or Linux. The fact takes on a alarming when you consider that those targeted by the attack, as Kyllonen, are high stakes cash game players online. This suggests that behind all this elaborate operation there may be a criminal organization itself that is aimed specifically at those players who offer “pots” more juicy. Kyllonen, realizing immediately that something was wrong, he could minimize their losses, but given that the hackers responsible for this attack have not yet been identified, monitoring is a must for everyone, even for players of online poker low stakes, because in these situations, it is appropriate to say, caution is never enough.

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Latest Professional Players Bio

patrik antonius is a professional poker player

Patrick Antonius

Patrik Antonius is one of the players most envied in the world, in fact it is a true champion when it comes to cash games and is also very popular Read More

ziigmund is a professional poker player


Ziigmund is definitely one of the most crazy players, eccentric and success of online poker Ilari Sahamies, this is his real name, is a everyday presence at the high stakes Read More

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Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson was born August 10, 1933 in the city of Longhwort, Texas. Doyle already showing very young to be fascinated by the world of cards, but in high school Read More

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Adios Madrid! The dream EuroVegas goes down!

eurovegas projectIt was one of the largest investments of Spain to boost the economy but the Iberian Las Vegas Sands – with a brief statement – has decided to do reversing and say “adios” to the ambitious project of “EuroVegas.” For Spain it is a “blow”: the new mecca of European game had to create 250 thousand jobs and serve as a driving force for tourism, Sheldon Adelson instead preferred to store the Spanish experience and focus on the Asian market, with new real estate projects (Las Vegas Sands is a leader in Macau and Singapore).It ‘a cold shower for the Government of Madrid: EuroVegas would provide for the construction of six hotel-casinos, for 36 thousand beds in total. But the news was in the air as early as September disquieting rumors were circulated. There was talk of a rift between Las Vegas Sands and Spanish politics. In particular, Sheldon Adelson had first requested a derogation on the laws on smoking and then the (unlikely) bans of the new Iberian online gambling market. His statements sounded more like blackmail. But it is very likely that the project will be skipped because of the disastrous financial situation of the multinational company in Las Vegas that has just been renovated much of its debt (EUR 9.8 billion), and has asked banks further help (about 17 billion ) for EuroVegas (the total cost would be 30 billion). It is true that the potential turnover would have been crazy, but for the Iberians banks, one thing is to finance, with 100 millions, the purchase of the player Bale, and another is exposing themselves to so many billions. In Spain, the GDP turned positive after nine long months, but the time for “doped” growth seems to be over.

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Patrick Antonius

patrick antonius bioPatrik Antonius is one of the players most envied in the world, in fact it is a true champion when it comes to cash games and is also very popular and courted by the people for women. was born in Helsinki on 13 December 1980 Patrik was discovered by Marcel Luske, who saw its great potential and took him under his wing, introducing exclusive “Circle of Outlaws” (circle of the outlaw), team of promising young direct from the Dutch and to which also belonged Luca Pagano consequently the same time he stopped his activities as a tennis instructor to approach definitely a career as a professional poker player. In the 2005 season, Patrik Antonius won the EPT Baden 288 thousand euro prize, just a few weeks after an excellent third place finish at EPT Barcelona. His best results in WSOP are a ninth place in the HORSE tournament $ 50,000 buy-in in 2006 for $ 205,920 prize and a third place in the $ 10,000 World Championship Pot Limit Omaha in 2008 for a payout of $ 311,394. The most important win in the tournament Patrik is linked to the final stage of the WPT in December 2005, when the Fourth Annual Five Diamond World Poker Classic won 1,046,470 dollars finishing second behind Rehne Pedersen. His trademark is still the cash games online, where is gradually becoming a strategic player winning at the highest levels. With the nickname Luigi66369, Triharderfish and Finddagrind anyone submits constantly, reaching up to higher limits of online cash games on Full Tilt Poker, which eventually hires him the prestigious “Team Full Tilt”, a club only for champions which is also reserved the privilege of a small portion of the shares of Tiltware, the company that controls the famous poker room Full Tilt. Since then, the Finnish plays with his official nickname, “Patrik Antonius,” in fact belongs to the Finnish sample record of the dish highest ever won in online poker: November 21, 2009 Patrik won a pot worth $ 1,356,946.50 against the mysterious Isildur1, real bugbear high stakes but destroyed by the Finnish player. To date, Patrik Antonius won $ 2,885,108 in just tournaments, cash games while its profits are incredibly even more important, since 2007 Patrik has put together a profit of over 10.3 million dollars!

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ziigmund bio Ziigmund is definitely one of the most crazy players, eccentric and success of online poker Ilari Sahamies, this is his real name, is a everyday presence at the high stakes tables of Full Tilt Poker. When it first appeared on the online poker scene, he had no regards for the players already established and well known, and his insults and provocations have often get annoyed his opponents, but Ziiggy aimed precisely at this, so as to disconcert them and have the better of them… Born in 1983 in Helsinki, Finland, has always been a competitive man. As a child, he practiced various sports, such as baseball, football and even wrestling. Later he became a champion swimmer winning 2 Finnish junior championships. He met the legend Patrik Antonius when he plays pool in a bar, and still are friends. His first experience with poker at the age of 15, in a home game with friends, he became very knowledgeable in this game, discovering have a real natural talent. But while his interest for poker grew, his high educational results were collapsing at the end he still managed to graduate. He started playing at the Helsinki Casino in 2001. From there, becoming Pro was easy enough for him. In online poker instead start playing in 2002/2003. He started at low levels ($ 0.25 / $ 0.50), but he always felt too good for that level and trying to force his way to the highest levels, he lost everything several times. So far, he we did not live worthy of note, and its profits are derived almost exclusively from online millionaires, Ilari is famous for his antics at the cash game tables online, in fact Ziigmund is famous for having played often drunk and have relentlessly lost large sums from his bankroll.

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