Phil Ivey

phil ivey bio Phil Ivey grew up in New Jersey, where he began his career in professional poker in Atlantic City. All poker players who love to follow the tournaments that are held around the world certainly know Phil Ivey, one of the most famous poker players in the world, also known as the player eclectic. In fact, Phil Ivey has an incredible ability: he can play without problems in many variations of poker. Of course, the mental form necessary to ensure that this happens must necessarily be elastic and versatile. Phil Ivey reincarnating without doubt these skills, and to bear witness to this, we find his victories. Phil Ivey has reached eight times the final tables of prestigious tournaments and its total victories amounting to a figure that exceeds ten million dollars. Born in 1976, Phil Ivey has participated in numerous television programs on the U.S. poker. In addition to having won eight WSOP bracelets, he also has a win at the World Poker Tour. Unlikely Phil Ivey took part in a tournament Texas hold ‘em, in fact all of his wins has reached with the Seven Card Stud or Omaha poker. His first victory, the one with which he began to depopulate the world of poker, it was back in 2000, where he won his first WSOP bracelet and $ 195,000 well. Only two years later, in 2002, he managed to win three WSOP bracelets and several earned in one year, about $ 350,000, a sum very high, especially ten years ago. Many players try to imitate him in various ways. In fact there are very few people who do not play Texas hold ‘em, the most popular variant of poker in the world, and all those who love the other variants of poker, Phil Ivey take as a reference point. Nowadays the player has reached the age of 35 years and, fortunately, continues his career in the poker world without stopping. His last victory dates back to 2010, when he won his eighth WSOP bracelet and a prize that is about $ 330,000. It is said, however, that Phil Ivey will not come back to win, especially if he maintains his style of play to the level that we have seen to date.

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