Hacker in action again: poker pro Jens Kyllonen victim of a Trojan

jens kyllonenMany will remember the strange mishap in September to some players, including Jens Kyllonen, hosted at the Hotel Arts during the EPT Barcelona. On that occasion, the Finnish poker pro was released early from the tournament and it was back to the hotel. At first he could not get into the room because of a problem with the electronic key. Once back, however, he immediately noticed that his laptop was gone. He had left the room for the obvious reports of what happened, and when he returned, he found the laptop back in place. The story, however strange it seemed to have ended, but later Kyllonen has noticed that the PC was not working properly and you are then turned to the computer technicians that, by analyzing the laptop, have detected the presence of a virus. It was in fact a remote access trojan, known as RAT, which resulted entered via a USB memory stick on the day and the hour in which they had lost track of the laptop. The computer had been infected and configured so that the trojan was activated when the system restarts. The RAT tool that allows you to control a pc remotely, that is, to see everything that happens on it, it was written in Java to run on any platform, be it Windows, Mac or Linux. The fact takes on a alarming when you consider that those targeted by the attack, as Kyllonen, are high stakes cash game players online. This suggests that behind all this elaborate operation there may be a criminal organization itself that is aimed specifically at those players who offer “pots” more juicy. Kyllonen, realizing immediately that something was wrong, he could minimize their losses, but given that the hackers responsible for this attack have not yet been identified, monitoring is a must for everyone, even for players of online poker low stakes, because in these situations, it is appropriate to say, caution is never enough.

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