Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson was born August 10, 1933 in the city of Longhwort, Texas. Doyle already showing very young to be fascinated by the world of cards, but in high school the thing that allowed him to stand out was his ability to play basketball, so good to concentrate on himself the attention of teams like the minneapolis lakers (now Los Angeles Lakers). Unfortunately, however, the dreams of glory in the field of basketball, by Brunson, turn off at the age of 21 when he suffered an accident at work, his leg breaks. Despite this sad event that distances him from the world of competitive sport, Doyle continues his studies and after graduating became interested in a more profitable world of cards, first playing poker classic seven stud, then move on to the variant that would make him famous all over the world, Texas Hold’em. In Las Vegas Doyle’s career reached its peak in the years 1976-1977 when he manages to win for two consecutive years, the main event of the WSOP, the poker world series, beating 22 players in the first year, 34 in the latter, and in both cases being able to delete the last player in the race having in hand the pair of cards 10-2, from that moment the pair of cards 10-2 is called “Doyle Brunson”. Surely having won two consecutive victories at the WSOP is a great success since only 3 other professionals have been able to do the same, it should be pointed out, however, that the first two titles were achieved against a small number of players, instead of the 2005 ‘latest bracelet won by Doyle had to defeat several hundred players at the age of 72 years old. Doyle Brunson is known in the poker world, not only for the large number of tournaments in which he participated and won, but also for having written the first book on the texas holdem strategy, the book “Super System” is considered, along following his “Super System II”, the bible of poker.

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