5 Card Stud, Draw

We open with some historical notes about this magnificent game. The game of poker, at least what we know, is the result of a slow evolution of many variants that have developed over time. The exact origins of this game are still unknown and debated. Though his story is picturesque and intriguing, no one has ever applied much to shed light on the birth of this fascinating hobby. The main schools of thinking place the birth of poker in three different countries and eras. For some poker originated in ancient Persia by the name of As-Nas: four players taking part in the games using a deck of twenty five cards and challenged each other over who had the combination could be stronger than the pair, three of a kind or color.

According to some, however, the true origins of poker were in Europe.

Specifically in France and Germany. In France, especially, a game very much in vogue was the Poque (from the French, “pocher” which means to deceive, bluff) where players used a French deck of twenty cards composed by the ten, jack, women, kings and aces. Even in this ancient game, the similarities with the modern poker are many and this suggests that this is the version that most influenced to develop the poker as it is nowadays. But it was in America that this game was popular. In the French settlements of Louisiana and especially in New Orleans, during the early 1800s, the name was changed to Époque poker and became very similar to the game we all know. He began to use a deck consisting of 52 cards and soon were inserted between the winning combination straight and flush.

“The 5 Card Stud poker is mostly a psychological game”.

With the coming of the French deck of 52 cards, the game changed forever. For centuries, most of the variations of poker were based on the purest shape of the game: 5 Card Stud. In this version, each player is dealt 5 cards and the betting begins with the first receiver to the left of the dealer. Everyone has the opportunity to wager that your hand is the best of the table. The 5 Card Stud poker is mostly a psychological game, where the real skill is in being able to hide in the best way their emotions and anxiety. Each player was dealt 5 cards and there was little to do to pass, pretend to have the best hand, or, if you really had a good hand, pretend you do not have it and induce other players to participate in the pot.

5 Card Draw.

The need for the players to have a better chance of staying in the pot pushed the poker to a fundamental turning point. The 5-Card Draw is very similar to its predecessor but with a crucial point in the performance of the hand: the draw. After the first 5 cards are dealt and the first round of betting is done, each player has the ability to change from 1 to 4 cards from your hand with the cards remaining in the deck, and later another round of betting takes place. As a result, each player has the opportunity to implement their own hands and there is a double opportunity to bet, which implies the possibility of double bluff, make fun or seduce their opponents. Many players consider the 5-Card Draw is the purest form of the game.

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